Both RIRs complete Transfer Request

Once both sides of the transfer are approved, the parties will be notified and the Buyer’s and Seller’s RIR will coordinate a date to simultaneously update their Whois databases.

Buyer’s RIR approves Transfer Request

Once the Buyer is approved, their RIR may require them to sign a form confirming their acceptance of the transfer. In ARIN, APNIC and LACNIC, Buyers will generally be charged a transfer fee either prior to or shortly after transfer completion.

Buyer’s RIR contacts Buyer

The RIR of the receiving organization will contact the Buyer to confirm they wish to receive the IPv4 transfer. If the Buyer is not preapproved they will have to go through the justification process. As RIPE has no preapproval process, RIPE Buyers will undergo a...

Seller’s RIR approves Transfer Request

The Seller’s RIR may request additional information such as company registration documents. In most RIRs, the Seller will have to sign a form confirming their desire to proceed with the transfer.