The North American Region

ARIN policy allows for transfers to ARIN, APNIC, RIPE or LACNIC members, and transfers due to mergers or acquisitions. ARIN does not require a transfer be processed when a company is acquired.

For all in-policy ARIN transfers, the recipient must demonstrate a justified need for the addresses. If the recipient is in the ARIN region, the need for the addresses must be justified over a two-year time frame. If the recipient is out of region, the recipient’s RIR performs the needs test according to that RIR’s policy.

ARIN provides services for those participating in the transfer market, including a list of transfer facilitators, a preapproval process for buyers and sellers, and a listing service for those who wish to publish their desire to buy or sell. is active in ARIN policy development and is an ARIN member, as well as one of the first recognized ARIN brokers.


November 20

Buyer Creates An ARIN Online Account

A Buyer wishing to receive ARIN IPv4 space should set up an ARIN Online Account and create an Organization ID for their company.

November 19

Buyer Applies for ARIN Pre-Approval

Buyers need to demonstrate to ARIN that they have a justifiable need for IPv4 space before receiving it (even though they are willing to pay for it).

November 18

Buyer and Seller Negotiate Sale Under Guidance of Broker

Under the guidance of the Broker, Buyer and Seller negotiate the price and terms of the IPv4 sale. In most cases, Buyer and Seller will execute an Asset Purchase Agreement codifying these terms. The Asset Purchase Agreement is a legally binding document that specifies when the Buyer is to fund escrow, and to which escrow agent, when the Seller is to initiate the transfer, and when the funds are to be released from escrow to the Seller. ARIN is not involved in this step although they are aware that money often changes hands when IPv4 space is transferred.

October 19

Seller Initiates a Transfer Request With ARIN

The Seller enters a transfer request in ARIN Online to transfer IPv4 space to the Buyer. This creates an ARIN ticket number. In some cases, ARIN will invoice the Seller for a nonrefundable transfer fee.

October 18

Buyer Initiates a Request With ARIN To Receive the Transfer

The Buyer enters a request in ARIN Online to receive the transfer of IPv4 space, referencing the Seller’s ARIN ticket number.

October 17

Seller Provides ARIN Any Requested Information

An ARIN analyst will communicate with the Seller and may request additional information such as company registration documents. As a final step, ARIN will ask a duly authorized representative of the Seller’s company to sign and have notarized an Officer Acknowledgement Form confirming the transfer.

October 16

Buyer Provides ARIN Any Requested Information

An ARIN analyst will communicate with the Buyer and may request additional information such as company registration documents. If the Buyer has not completed the ARIN preapproval process, ARIN will ask them to justify their need for the IPv4 space. In some cases, ARIN may ask a duly authorized representative of the Buyer’s company to sign an Officer Attestation Form.

October 15

ARIN Approves the Transfer

After ARIN completes its diligence with both Buyer and Seller, ARIN notifies both parties that the transfer is approved. At this time, any fee billed to the Buyer must paid before the transfer is finalized. If this is the first ARIN resource for the Buyer, ARIN will require the Buyer to sign an RSA.

October 14

ARIN Completes the Transfer

ARIN finalizes most transfers within a day or two of approving them after any required fees are paid and the RSA signed. At this point, ARIN updates Whois and the transfer is complete.

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