Selling IPv4 Addresses

IP Trading is your trusted partner in buying and selling IPv4 addresses. Our expertise and comprehensive services ensure that you get the best value and a smooth transaction process when selling your IP assets.

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Why Sell IP Addresses with IP Trading

Selling your IPv4 addresses with IP Trading offers numerous benefits. Our experienced team provides expert advice, market insights, and a secure transaction process. We help you maximize the value of your IP assets, navigate regulatory requirements, and find the right buyers efficiently. Trust IP Trading to handle your IP sales professionally and profitably.

Can I Sell IPv4 Subnets and IP Addresses?

Yes, you can sell IPv4. When you’re looking to sell IPv4 and IP Addresses, you’ll need to work with an IP Broker like IPTrading. We can help facilitate the deal and you can rely on our expert knowledge. For many sellers of IPv4 blocks, this will be a one-time transaction, and selling IP Addresses is a great way to generate some revenue. For some sellers this could be among the most important transactions of to your future, but with no time for practice or nobody to show you the ropes, it can be extremely challenging. You know there are other IP brokers out there, and they all have delightful stories to tell, but whom can you trust to get your addresses sold quickly, safely, and for top dollar–especially when those delightful stories do not mesh. You may even find yourself asking some questions about your IPv4 transfer, such as:

  • When is the right time to sell IP addresses?
  • Are prices rising, falling, or staying the same?
  • Where do I list my IPv4 addresses for sale?
  • What happens when the US Defense Department or China begin selling large blocks of IPv4?
  • Can I keep part of my IPv4 block and sell the rest?
  • Should I break my block down and sell in small pieces?

IPv4 numbers are unique and so are IPv4 sellers. When you are ready to sell your IPv4 addresses, you may develop more detailed questions.

  • If I want to keep a small block, should I purchase a small block of IPv4 first, so I can renumber into it and sell my larger block intact?
  • Some of my IP addresses are still in use, but I don’t want to wait to sell until they are all free, what are my options?
  • Is it better to keep routing the block during the sales process to prevent hijacks?
  • What do I need to do to make my block more desirable to buyers?

Importance of Selling IP Addresses with an IP Broker

When you look back at the questions we discussed above, they become even more relevant when the buyer is in a different region. An IPv4 broker with experience in buying and selling IPv4 addresses globally will ensure that everything goes well, whether you need a fast transfer, a local transfer, or an inexpensive transfer.

How to Sell IPv4 addresses with IPTrading

Working in the IPv4 address space can be difficult. Whether you want to leasebuy, or sell IPv4 addresses, we invite you to speak with us for a quick consultation to learn your options, especially if your situation is complicated. We want to make sure that your IP address transfer goes well, and we have the knowledge to help. Contact us for a review of current pricing to see what your IPv4 address assets are worth today.

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Selling IPv4 FAQ

To address some common concerns, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

  • What is the process for selling IPv4 addresses?

The process involves valuing your IP assets, listing them on appropriate platforms, negotiating with buyers, and transferring ownership. Our team assists you at every step to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

  • How do I determine the value of my IPv4 addresses?

The value of IPv4 addresses depends on factors such as market demand, the size of the address block, and regional considerations. We offer consultations to help you assess and maximize the value of your IP assets.

  • Are there any legal or regulatory requirements for selling IPv4 addresses?

Yes, selling IPv4 addresses involves adhering to regional and international regulations. Our team ensures compliance with all legal requirements to facilitate a secure and lawful transaction.

  • Can I sell a portion of my IP address block?

Yes, you can choose to sell your IP addresses in smaller blocks rather than the entire block at once. We help you strategize the best approach to maximize your returns.

  • Why should I use a broker to sell my IPv4 addresses?

Using a broker like IP Trading provides you with market expertise, access to a network of potential buyers, and ensures a secure and efficient transaction process. Our experience helps you achieve the best possible outcome for your IP sales.


IPTrading is renowned for its policy prowess. We successfully authored transfer-related policies in ARIN and LACNIC and participate actively in every region’s policy forums. The past decade of policy creation, debate, and analysis has yielded a deep understanding of important regional policy differences and nuances that can be leveraged for our clients.


We provide references from your country or your industry type. You can freely discuss their experiences with the trust you share with your compatriots or industry colleagues. 


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