Transfers between Regions

IPv4 space can be transferred between address holders in the ARIN, APNIC, RIPE and LACNIC regions. Interregional transfers provide greater opportunities for both Buyers and Sellers in the IPv4 market. has authored and promoted RIR policies that have facilitated interRIR transfers, and brokered the world’s first interregional transfer in 2012.

The justification policies of the Buyer’s RIR are implemented on these types of transfers. If the Buyer is in the RIPE region (which has no justification requirement for intraregional transfers), the Buyer is required to present a simple five-year plan for the IPv4 space being purchased.

AFRINIC is still considering policies that allow interregional transfers and will hopefully join the rest of the world in the near future.


November 19

Buyer creates an Account in their RIR

A Buyer wishing to receive IPv4 space will generally set up an account in their local registry (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE or LACNIC). There are exceptions in RIPE for end user space (RIPE PI) or Legacy space.

November 18

Buyer applies for preapproval

Buyers need to demonstrate to their RIR that they have a justifiable need for IPv4 space before receiving it (even though they are willing to pay for it). ARIN, APNIC and LACNIC offer a preapproval process that can be completed prior to an actual IPv4 transfer. RIPE does not so justification must be done during the transfer process.

November 17

Buyer and Seller negotiate sale under guidance of Broker

Under the guidance of the Broker, Buyer and Seller negotiate the price and terms of the IPv4 sale. In most cases, Buyer and Seller will execute an Asset Purchase Agreement codifying these terms. The Asset Purchase Agreement is a legally binding document that specifies when the Buyer is to fund escrow, and to which escrow agent, when the Seller is to initiate the transfer, and when the funds are to be released from escrow to the Seller. The RIRs are not involved in this step although they are aware that money often changes hands when IPv4 space is transferred.

November 16

Seller initiates a transfer request with their RIR

The Seller enters an InterRIR transfer request in their RIR’s online portal. Generally, the process is similar to entering an IntraRIR request, but requires more details about the Buyer’s organization since the Seller’s RIR has no relationship to or contact information with the Buyer.

November 15

RIR may invoice Seller for Transfer Fee

Sellers in the APNIC or LACNIC regions and some Sellers in the ARIN region will have to pay a transfer fee early in the process.

November 14

Seller’s RIR approves Transfer Request

The Seller’s RIR may request additional information such as company registration documents. In most RIRs, the Seller will have to sign a form confirming their desire to proceed with the transfer.

November 13

Seller’s RIR sends Transfer Request to Buyer’s RIR

The Seller’s RIR does not interact with the Buyer at all and only approves the Seller’s side of the transfer. Once approved, the Seller’s RIR sends the transfer request to the Buyer’s RIR.

November 12

Buyer’s RIR contacts Buyer

The RIR of the receiving organization will contact the Buyer to confirm they wish to receive the IPv4 transfer. If the Buyer is not preapproved they will have to go through the justification process. As RIPE has no preapproval process, RIPE Buyers will undergo a fairly straightforward justification process projecting that they will use at least 50 percent of the purchased IPv4 space over the next five years.

November 11

Buyer’s RIR approves Transfer Request

Once the Buyer is approved, their RIR may require them to sign a form confirming their acceptance of the transfer. In ARIN, APNIC and LACNIC, Buyers will generally be charged a transfer fee either prior to or shortly after transfer completion.

November 10

Both RIRs complete Transfer Request

Once both sides of the transfer are approved, the parties will be notified and the Buyer’s and Seller’s RIR will coordinate a date to simultaneously update their Whois databases.

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