Whether you are new to the address leasing space or have had experience, there may be some lingering questions you have about the process. We have put together some important information about IPv4 Lease process and what it takes to get started!

What is an IPv4 Lease?

An IPv4 lease allows users to begin using IPv4 addresses without investing a large amount of money into a full purchase. It also allows users to be more flexible with projects that may come and go. Leasing allows for you to find the right IP addresses at the price you want, and at the terms you need.

Why is Leasing IPv4 Important?

  • Lower Cost

Like we mentioned above, leasing is a great option for those users that want to have access to IPv4 but don’t necessarily have the financial backing to purchase a full IP block. Leasing gives you the flexibility to look within your price range, so you aren’t paying an arm and a leg.

  • Quicker Process

The process of purchasing IPv4 can be extremely complicated and time consuming, which isn’t what any business needs right now. When you decide to lease an IPv4 address, the process is much quicker and can be completed in time-sensitive situations.

If you find that you are still unsure about leasing or purchasing IPv4, you can read more in our blog, Buying vs. Leasing IPv4.

How To Lease IPv4

Once you decide you are ready to lease, it can be a fairly simple process. See below for what we consider to be the three main steps in leasing IPv4.

  • Contract Discussion

First, your IP broker will need to understand your needs, budget, and goals with the addresses. Once that is decided, you can begin working on the contracting and putting everything in place.

  • Payment

After the contract is signed and you have the IPv4 you want to lease, next is the payment. This is straight forward, as payment will be made and then the next steps can begin!

  • Receive IP Addresses

Last, but not least, you will receive the necessary documents and permissions to use the IPv4 addresses you paid to lease. You can now begin using them however you please and for whatever project you have going on.

Where to Find an IPv4 Lease Provider

If you are still looking for a lease provider, IPTrading can be of assistance. We have over 20 years of experience in the buying, selling, and leasing IPv4 address space. We can work together to help you find the perfect plan and get you moving on your lease, as well as providing expert advice when you aren’t quite sure you have all the answers. You can browse our current selection or contact us to learn more!