The Latin American and Caribbean Region

LACNIC allows transfers between LACNIC members.
Basically these are the rules:

  • Minimum transfer size of /24
  • Buyer must meet current LACNIC policies regarding justified need for the purchased addresses
  • Transferred blocks must be held by the buyer for a year before resale
  • LACNIC-allocated blocks must be held by the registrant for three years before sale is allowed
  • Legacy resources will lose their legacy status if transferred.
  • LACNIC will provide a public log of all transfers
  • LACNIC charges a $1000 transfer fee for blocks up to /20, $1500 for larger blocks
  • LACNIC will initially charge the buyer the first $200 of the transfer fee at the start of the process, this will not be refunded if the process fails

If you are interested in buying or selling IPv4 space in the LACNIC region, please contact one of our regional brokers, Daniel Miroli or Eric Ottens