If you have been in the IPv4 market, you are probably familiar with ARIN and what it does, but if you are new or in the early stages you may have some questions. We have put together some of the common questions surrounding ARIN to help users expand their IP address knowledge.

What is ARIN?

ARIN is an acronym that stands for America Registry for Internet Numbers. ARIN is a non-profit organization that administers and monitors blocks of IPv4 addresses and ASNs in Canada, United States, and many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands to support the operation and growth of the internet.

ARIN is considered a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) and is one of the 5 registries throughout the world. The other Registries are:

  • Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), which covers the Asia and Pacific regions.
  • Reseaux IP Europeans (RIPE) covers Europe and West Asia.
  • Latic America and Caribbean Network Information Center (LACNIC) covers Latin America and the Caribbean region.
  • African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) which covers the continent of Africa.

Knowing what these registries are is the first step but understanding what they do is just as important.  

Why ARIN Matters

When it comes to why ARIN matters, there are a few different reasons. Some of the important ARIN functions include:

  • Registering IPv4 addresses and ASNs
  • Providing resources for specific regions
  • Providing related services to the public, such as directory lookups like WhoIs and WhoWas

On the ARIN website, there are plenty of tools and resources for users to browse and get more information about the IPv4 address market. Additionally, ARIN sponsors and participates in regional and local events designed to provide more details about ARIN’s role and functions, and to stay up to date.

Navigating ARIN with IPTrading

If you have taken the time to look over their site and find you still have questions, you can contact us and we can help answer any questions you have when it comes to the IPv4 address market. IPTrading has over 30+ years of experience in the IPv4 address space and is has been an ARIN registered Facilitator since 2011.

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