For most people looking to buy and sell IP addresses, you may not know exactly where to start, but the IPTrading Post is a great place for both buyers and sellers to begin their journey. For sellers, you can get some insight into how many others are offering IPv4 blocks in the same size and in which regions, and what their asking prices are. For buyers, you can review available inventories and compare initial asking prices, and then follow up with inquiries with one of our experienced IPTrading brokers.

What is the IPTrading Post?

The IPTrading Post is a place where buyers can browse different IP address blocks for sale and get different pricing options, and where sellers can list their address blocks for sale. It’s a great way to get transparency as both a buyer and a seller, and compiles everything you may need into one convenient location. The IPTrading Post is not an auction site, but a starting point in negotiations. It avoids the rigidity of auction rules and allows you to make inquiries and counteroffers on blocks of interest. There is no strict timeframe for how long blocks might be offered, and most transactions occur using contracts both the buyer and seller can review and mark-up, unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of auction sites.

The IPTrading Post was designed to make buying and selling IPv4 and IP addresses easier and less complex. We understand that not everyone likes to run their process through an IP broker, at least not until they are more serious, so the IPTrading Post gives customers the chance to do that. When you find the IP block you’re looking for, we will be ready to help with the transfer and answer any more questions that you have.

Benefits of IPTrading Post

The IPTrading Post has a lot of benefits that help users answer questions without needing to speak to anyone. One of the main benefits as a seller is that it gets your address block for sale to a wider audience. We actively promote our IPTrading Post and bring the buyers to you, meaning you won’t have to search out the buyers yourself. We also help promote your asking price and provide information about the range you’re selling without disclosing the entire range.

When you’re a buyer, finding the price of IP addresses can be difficult and involve a lot of different conversations with the seller or an IP broker. With the IPTrading Post, the sale price of the IP addresses is listed out and give you visibility into your potential purchase. It’s also a great way to get the best price and shop around. IP address purchases can be difficult and expensive, so being able to see the price and get the best deal becomes extremely important.

We do require that you register with basic contact information to view block details and pricing, and then we will follow up with a simple email asking if you have questions or need more information, but we won’t hound you with multiple marketing emails.

Once you find what you’re looking for, let us know! Our experts are standing by to help with any additional questions as well as providing services in the transfer of your IP address purchase. If you’re looking to sell your IP address, we can talk through the details of that with you, too. Don’t wait, an easier IP sale and purchase are waiting for you! Hitch up. We’re open!