The process of acquiring or transferring IPv4 addresses can be intricate. Recognizing the need for streamlined and efficient transactions, ARIN introduces the ARIN Qualified Facilitator Program, offering a valuable resource for organizations navigating the complexities of IPv4 transfers.

It’s important to explore the importance of buyers and sellers partnering with an ARIN Qualified Facilitator, shed light on the program’s benefits, and why it is a game-changer in the world of IP address transactions.

Why Use a Qualified Facilitator?

Qualified Facilitators, vetted and approved by ARIN, serve as invaluable resources for organizations involved in IPv4 transactions. The benefits of using a Qualified Facilitator include:

  • Thorough Review Process

ARIN has meticulously reviewed and approved Qualified Facilitators, ensuring a high standard of professionalism and expertise. This guarantees that organizations utilizing their services can have confidence in the facilitator’s capabilities.

  • Streamlined Transfer Process

The use of a Qualified Facilitator can significantly streamline the transfer process with ARIN Registration Services. This is especially beneficial for organizations seeking assistance in acquiring or transferring IPv4 address space or ASNs.

  • Guidance for Organizations:
    • Address Space Acquisition: Organizations in need of IPv4 address space but unsure of where to acquire it can benefit from the expertise of a Qualified Facilitator.
    • Unused Address Space Transfer: Organizations with unused IPv4 address space can receive guidance on transferring it to another organization through a Qualified Facilitator.
    • Navigating the Process: Organizations seeking assistance in understanding and navigating the resource transfer process can rely on the expertise of a Qualified Facilitator.

Becoming an ARIN Qualified Facilitator

For organizations considering becoming an ARIN Qualified Facilitator, the process involves meeting stringent criteria:

  • North American Legal Standing: Must be legally registered entities in good standing within the ARIN region.
  • High Level Experience: Ensuring there are at least two representatives of their company listed as Points of Contact for the approved Qualified Facilitator organization, who also satisfy the following:
    1. Are a current employee, officer, director, or shareholder of the company  
    2. Possess a verifiable corporate email address and phone number 
    3. Completed the ARIN qualification on transfers at ARIN. (The awarding of the qualification is based on an interview and subsequent approval from both the General Counsel and the Chief Customer Officer.)
  • ARIN Registration Services Agreement: Operate under an ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA version 12 or 13).
  • Geographic Scope: Operate within the ARIN service region.
  • Compliance Checks: Ensure compliance with various checks, including not being listed on the US Government’s Consolidated Screening List and meeting specific employee qualifications.
  • Insurance and References: Provide general liability insurance, undergo background checks for key employees, and offer written customer references.
  • Agree to Terms: Agree to and abide by the terms outlined in the Qualified Facilitator Agreement and Code of Conduct and pay an annual $10,000 fee.

IPTrading: ARIN Qualified Facilitator

IPTrading is proud to be one of the few ARIN Qualified Facilitators, and we look to continue to provide top level service to all who are looking to navigate the IPv4 market.  For buyers and sellers of IPv4 addresses, partnering with a Qualified Facilitator like IPTrading ensures a smoother and more efficient process, especially if any problems arise.

Barriers to entry for IPv4 brokers are minimal and many have appeared in recent years.  Being listed as a broker at the various trading registries like APNIC, RIPE, and LACNIC is neither difficult nor expensive, and it’s a simple way to publicly hang out your shingle as a broker. ARIN feels that it’s important to provide more of a service to their IPv4 trading members by taking the steps to test and vet select brokers rather than simply to list all applicants. RIPE has decided to end their broker listing service and if it is not replaced then the Qualified Facilitator program at ARIN can provide this service to RIPE buyers and sellers as well, considering the global nature of our business.

IPTrading is of course among the first listed brokers at all registries and we are proud of our early presence, longevity, and relationships with those registries even as we welcome positive changes to their broker programs.