The Asia and Pacific Region

IPv4 addresses can be transferred among APNIC members and also between RIPE and ARIN members. We have completed many transfers in the APNIC region, including the world’s first inter-regional transfer in 2012.

APNIC charges a fairly high transfer fee equal to 20% of the annual membership fees for the block size transferred.

APNIC has a community of National Internet Registries, or NIRs, which may have their own transfer policies.When processing an inter-regional transfer to an NIR, ARIN will interface with APNIC, and then APNIC will interface with the NIR.

APNIC does not have “anti-flip” language requiring a time period before re-transfer of blocks is permitted.

APNIC provides some services for those in the transfer market, including a pre-approval process for buyers, a mailing list for buyers and sellers, and a list of approved brokers who have signed a Deed of Covenant with APNIC. IPTrading.com was the first approved broker at APNIC.