As we enter 2019, we are still in a seller’s market, with limited supply and rising prices.  In these conditions, we add value through the experience gained in brokering over 600 successful IPv4 transfers since 2012.  Our buyer contacts are extensive, and many of our clients are repeat buyers. We broker many inter-regional transfers, safely moving addresses around the globe to their highest value destination.  

We invite you to speak with us for a quick consultation to learn your options, especially if your situation is complicated. Contact us for a review of current pricing to see what your IPv4 address assets are worth today.

Our services for Sellers at a glance:

  • Brokered sales to buyers around the world
  • Routing, subnetting, BGP, geolocation assistance and information
  • Expert assistance with the registries
  • Contract generation/review/translation
  • Review of routing history and reputation
  • Assistance in delisting and cleanup
  • Testing for squatters, spammers and hijacks
  • Auditing and valuation
  • Assistance in corporate and chain-of-custody preparation
  • Documentary preparation for transfers