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Work for Industrial Intelligence

Our era is characterized by a revolutionary digital transformation of industrial organizations,
which is empowered by the IndustrialInternet-of-the-Things (IIoT). IIoT enables the interconnection of thousands of industrial devices, along with the processing of their data towards improving the quality, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of industrial processes. In this way, IIoT is empowering the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), where industrial systems and processes will be monitored and controlled based on digital technologies.  The manufacturing sector is one of the settings where IIoT will deliver its highest business value: According to a recent report by Mc Kinsey & Co, IIoT’s value potential in the manufacturing sector could by 2025 exceed 3.5$ trillion per annum.

Industrial Intelligence is a team of experienced and enthusiastic experts in IIoT, who are leading the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and setting the standards for the world’s most innovative, end-to-end “Smart Manufacturing” solutions. Based on the design, development and deployment of smart manufacturing solutions that converge Operational Technology with Information Technology we are at the forefront of innovation and among the pioneers of the fourth industrial revolution. Our team is capable of successfully confronting complex problems using cutting-edge IoT technologies for connectivity of devices, cloud integration, data analytics, as well as a range of intelligent interactions involving sensors, shopfloor devices, manufacturing execution systems and business information systems. Overall, Industrial Intelligence is transforming not only the manufacturing sector, but also the careers of all skilled professionals that join our team, as we provide them with opportunities to work on some of the most important technical, business and environmental challenges faced by manufacturers during their transition to Industry 4.0.

Why apply for a Career in Industrial Intelligence?

If you are skilled, hard-working and ambitious, here are some reasons to join our team:

  • We offer an inspiring and cross-functional environment for tackling interesting business and technical problems of the manufacturing sector.
  • We are an agile low-hierarchy networked organization, which emphasizes team collaboration and ensures work-life balance.
  • We engage with leading edge IIoT technologies and offer some of the world’s most innovative solutions for the manufacturing sector. At Industrial Intelligence, you will be offered with opportunities for understanding and fully leveraging the most innovative IIoT technologies such as wireless sensors, BigData and cloud intelligence.
  • We offer opportunities for personal and professional development. No matter your position (e.g., entry, specialist, executive) we will encourage you to advance your career through undertaking challenging responsibilities, but also through additional measures such as career planning and training.

What you should have to become a member of the Industrial Intelligence team?

You must be a fast learner, a disciplined thinker and a team player, with enthusiasm for new challenges. You should combine business acumen with strong technical, social and communication skills, in order to be able to work closely with our customers on challenging technical solutions. Most important, we expect you to combine high personal commitment with a strong desire to succeed in the world of IIoT.  Our relationship will be based on the principles of fairness, openness and trust.

Industrial Intelligence also welcomes applications from skilled, hard-working and enthusiastic students, who are interesting in pursuing a career in IIoT. We provide an ideal environment for students that want to learn IIoT and stay at the forefront of industrial engineering technologies.

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