IPTrading.com is a subsidiary of Nationwide Computer Systems, Inc., a 32 year old Florida corporation with a rich history as a technical consulting and asset brokerage firm.  In a new market like the IPv4 transfer market, there are few barriers to entry. Our customers understand that our long and continuous corporate history differentiates us from all of our competitors, as does our deep technical knowledge gleaned from decades of daily work creating and maintaining networks.

We continue to be a leader in the IPv4 transfer market.  We are one of the first registered and authorized brokers in the ARIN, APNIC, RIPE and LACNIC registries.  We are active in policy development and authored the policy in the ARIN region allowing inter-regional transfers, as well as the policy in LACNIC allowing transfers within that region.  In 2012, we brokered the world’s first inter-regional transfer. Since then we have brokered over 600 private IPv4 transfers with organizations in over 65 countries. This year we authored ARIN’s inter-regional ASN transfer policy, and we brokered the world’s first inter-regional ASN transfer as well.

IPTrading.com has completed IPv4 transfers for companies in the following countries:

Afghanistan Gilbraltar Pakistan
Argentina Greece Panama
Aruba Guyana Phillipines
Australia Guatemala Poland
Austria Hong Kong Portugal
Bahrain Hungary Romania
Belize India Russia
Belgium Indonesia Saudi Arabia
Bermuda Ireland Scotland
Brazil Israel Singapore
Brunei Italy Slovenia
Bulgaria Japan Spain
Cambodia Lithuania State of Palestine
Canada Luxembourg Sweden
China Korea Switzerland
Colombia Malaysia Taiwan
Curacao Mexico Thailand
Cyprus Native American Trinidad and Tobago
Czech Republic -Chocktaw Nation Turkey
England -Cherokee Nation Ukraine
Estonia -San Manuel Band United States
Finland Netherlands Virgin Islands (US & UK)
France New Zealand
Germany Norway